web development

We have developed a process that will provide you with control over your content.  We create your site using the wonders of Open-Source content management systems (CMS – WordPress.org) and code scripts to put it together like a multi-faceted jigsaw puzzle, this results in a range of available features to run your site yourself after it is built.

When your site is handed over, you are armed with a password that you use to update and edit your own content as time goes by.  When you host with us, you also get our 100% support and training.

If you are also looking for a web content driver, KC Creativity ! offers a content management service whereby we can do your site content updates for you!  Contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

When you host your site with us you recieve a package based on your needs and priced accordingly.  Our hosting fees are competitive over a 12 month cycle and are usually billed on a minimum quarterly basis, allowing your hosting costs to be more manageable.

The Site You Get

We will install the software on a domain on our server (you can purchase your domain through us or have it transfered, or you may have it redirected to your site on our server as a sub-domain) … configure your brand and design your content areas.

The more you do the less it costs, however we suggest letting us manage all areas of the administration of your site from one panel – this means that you will always know where your files are and what traffic is moving through your site.  Also, we can provide you with technical support that is effective and ensure that the software used to create your site is up-to-date and backed up.